How to Save Frostbitten Flowers

Posted by: Lara Wright

If you keep plants at home, during winter they are very exposed to the low temperatures. Frostbite is something that is common. If you miss care for them somewhere, they can die. Here is how you may save them.

The frost occurs at night mostly. A quick and decisive action in the early morning leaves good chances that the plants will survive. According to our friends in cleaners Westcombe Park, the cause for plants death is sunlight as much as frost. It causes rapid defrosting, ripping the plants to shreds. Imagine human blood freezing solid – every little blood vessel. When frozen, water expands, expanding the tissue it is in. Rapid defrosting causes the tissue to shred, so if something similar would happen to your plants – you do want to do something about it. The best thing to do is to cover the flowers with a dark cloth, to hide them from sunlight. If you lock them up in the house afterwards the same thing will happen like with the sun so don’t do that. Keep the flowers covered for several hours like that.

After they spend a few hours under the cloth, mist them with a spray bottle. This will aid the defrosting process. There would be a few dead leaves but don’t rush to take them away – they will serve as a protection for the recovering plant.

Keep in mind that a recovering flower still needs watering. Cleaners Westcombe Park prohibit too much watering. Frozen roots can’t absorb all the water and are likely to drown. Using fertilizers is as much as bad idea. Overfeeding the plant will cause more harm than good. You sill see soon enough whether the plant will survive, or not. Once it is recovered the normal watering and “feeding” routines can be re-established.

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